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Divine Touched (Vaelandrian Goddesses # 1)

Divine Touched (Vaelandrian Goddesses # 1) - Cassandra Duffy From my point of view the author favored quite a bit to a battle scenes (and even more so towards the end), which describing of seems to not to be the one of the author's strongest points, and I've actually found my self skimming over them quite often. On the other hand Calista doing her sneaking and skulking business around the town is entirely different matter, and I greatly enjoyed those parts.

Another thing I found not liking much, the better part of the book is written from Calista's point of view or so it seems, which was rather fine be me, for all wrong reasons though as it all render Harper quite uninteresting and wanting as a character, and I simply didn't cared much about her.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book quite a bit. The author managed to create a fresh and alluring world one may easily find themselves lost in, and to be honest it wasn't something I expected before I started to read, I'm happy I've found myself corrected though.

Josie & Rebecca: The Western Chronicles

Josie & Rebecca: The Western Chronicles - B.L. Miller, Vada Foster Unbelievable yet sweet story from the Wild West, It's hard for me to rate it nonetheless. I liked it, but it was the author's writing style that was constantly putting it down. Painful sometimes to even read, it was that (not exactly) simple way first books sometimes happen to be written in. I already read a few other books from the author so I doubt that's the reason, however, 'Accidental Love' feels pretty similar.

The Pyramid Waltz

The Pyramid Waltz - Barbara Ann Wright Best lesfic fantasy I've read (or tried to) to this date. Looking at it from a bigger picture though, there's a lot of space to improve in the future.

That said, I like how the author doesn't push that 'lesfic' part into reader's face, that's mistake (for me) some other writer'd often do - try too hard to differentiate his/her work just for sake of that one part, in the end making it into something twisted.

Overall, I liked it, I got my money out of it, and I'm happily gonna pick up rest of the series in the future.

Blood Slave

Blood Slave - Robin Roseau Blood slave is typical R.Roseau's writing, but given that it's not half bad actually, and maybe a bit unexpectedly for some.

If anything the book feels like a one the author wanted to write from the very beginning, but she couldn't or simply hadn't had guts to do so. Anyone who read anything from her previously would surely find plenty to compare, it isn't hard to be honest as over the time characters she've created, and concept of her books changed (not so surprisingly) ever so slightly.

Given that I hate that U-turn in 3rd book of MW with passion, and have found her last/recent books kind of unreadable, I should've probably hate this one too; but well I don't. It's somewhat nice to see the author not holding back, however that may seem, and maybe, just maybe she'll finally move on and write something new and fresh (series perhaps?), I still enjoy her early works and always did so ... .

Finally I've to react on that horror thing, well to those whom care I can only offer amused laugh, and advice to go look elsewhere.

Holiday Escort

Holiday Escort - Julia P. Lynde Is it just me or this book really seems like 99% Robin Roseau's writing? (Well, except the both m. characters aren't bitching each other's head off from the beginning.)

Nevertheless, it's a nice read actually, just a bit too much fluffy sometimes.

Training Days

Training Days - Jane Frances Kinda nice as a quick read, but the whole book is really, but really easily forgettable. Main characters both are quite dull and unremarkable, which doesn't help much either.

On top of it I got bored half the way to the end; I just finished it ... thinking about it I actually don't know why. It's really hard to get hands on good romance these days. I don't blame the author, but most of books getting out nowadays are one and the same.


Tats - Layce Gardner The book is a pretty fun ride. As many before wrote it indeed is a totally slapstick, which I actually love a lot. Anyway, I hoped a bit for "A Perfect Romance" perfect clone, which (sadly for me) didn't happen as these two books are nothing alike.

I feel maybe the things haven't worked out exactly as the author wanted. There is a quite gloomy undertone in the book to the more visible farce quality, which actually gets even more serious and a rather grim later on. Nevertheless, mix these things together and it can make for a touch ridiculous package sometimes.

Music of the Soul

Music of the Soul - Erik Schubach A good book, but like most of Schubach's books it's a touch on the extreme side of things.

Bella, perfection incarnate sans almost any flaws that makes a human. There is no blemish that'd make her less; she's most beautiful, smart, successful, children love her, well everyone loves her. She and Mandy both in their early twenties, both having the wisdom of old, which belies their age. Talking and sharing things a very few in their age would(a very few ever would). Mandy in her 21st on that hardest path to find her true self.

I see why people love it, I like it myself, though I just simply have more liking for stories following the normal, or least closer-to-the-earth people, with all imperfections and flaws they may have.


Privateer - Robin Roseau After a few frustrating and wasted hours I can honestly say this is another I'd be happier if I never read book, sadly from the same author.

Main protagonist Rani, unsurprisingly, nth rehash of the same (Michaela, Nicky). She is supposed to be brave, fiery and charming with a sharp tongue, but she is childish, obnoxious and submissive instead, and when she talks everyone leaves, though I suppose it's not a good thing if you are a reader. Nevertheless, she has to be brave if she can put up with herself, or maybe others are brave?

Strangely, Sorri is actually a rather fresh so no Lara imposter this time. To be honest she actually is one of the few brighter points of the book, or only point? Notwithstanding, it couldn't not be the the author if there wasn't some overbearing family with at least one precocious child. The book doesn't miss anything in happy 'unition' field either.

To finish my rant, dialogs, they are thoroughly bad. The author has unmatched ability to stretch every mundane talk into insane proportions, and I'm not sure if it's just me, but I find them rather odd.

There is definitely some unnecessary bitchiness in this review of mine. It's harder to criticize that create I suppose, but the author needs a breath of fresh air. While every of her books has something new they are still, more or less, the same, which wouldn't be bad, but she seems to borrow mostly the bad things. From book to book her characters are more whiny, childish and bitchy, talking one thing but acting another.

Fitting In

Fitting In - Robin Roseau If you've read Madison wolves you had read this. It's practically the same, well, maybe Nicole is a bit more bitchy than Michaela, and that
over-the-top drama is even more pathetic but that's it.

Make no mistake, I really like Madison Wolves and though this is similar it misses all those positive things MW has—its unique settings, atmosphere, and to be honest Michaela wasn't so bad at the beginning. This is just ordinary romance with grating wanna-be-introvert main character along with completely mundane settings.

Unbroken Circle

Unbroken Circle - Mary Griggs A good book and great read, still it could have used a bit more pages.

As for one I'd liked to have known even more of Janet's past, and wouldn't mind either if the romance had been fleshed out a touch more. Nevertheless it was fun, well, that sad kind of fun.

Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat - Robin Alexander A relaxed atmosphere, an amusing and entertaining story with great characters. Blake and Quinn are really adorable and their interactions with each other are hilarious. As it is one can't go wrong with R.A's books and I liked this one pretty much too.

I'd give it 3.5 stars, if I could, and this isn't entirely my cup of tea hence I suspect others find it probably even more fun; so thumbs up, go get it and read it.

Behind the Green Curtain

Behind the Green Curtain - Riley Lashea Reading other reviews it makes me feel like a some sort of black sheep, but this book didn't do it for me, and I'm not really sure why.

The characters are well written, though for but fleeting moments I couldn't bring myself to care for them. Their journey should feel thrilling, only it was like a drag to me. Nevertheless, I think it's a good book. Guess I just picked it up at the wrong time.

Gloria's Inn

Gloria's Inn - Robin Alexander Quick, easy and funny read sans forced drama for a change. I definitely got a kick out of it. The narrative is 1st person(POV), which is a big fat plus in my book.

It's somewhere between 3 and 4 stars. Definitely closer to 4 though.

Valnir's Bane

Valnir's Bane - Nathan Long "A squadron of the condemned led by condemned." To any warhammer fan it ought to feel like heaven reading this book.

Action packed from the beginning to the end, full of abominations of chaos the journey this motley band of not-so-blackhearths has set upon. Everyone with their own little secret; heroes they have become against their will, necessity as the reason.

Sure, the book is a bit rough around the edges, but the author clearly has picked up on writing skill since the last time I read his other work.

Above All, Honor

Above All, Honor - Radclyffe Nice read. The book flows pretty quickly, and while it surely doesn't ooze complexity I enjoyed it, nonetheless. I didn't, however, like much all that mock-drama, which there is quite a lot of.

The both main protagonists could've likewise used a bit more thought, for they are somewhat wanting and forgettable. Just like a nth rehash of something that you probably have seen before.