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Divine Touched (Vaelandrian Goddesses # 1)

Divine Touched (Vaelandrian Goddesses # 1) - Cassandra Duffy From my point of view the author favored quite a bit to a battle scenes (and even more so towards the end), which describing of seems to not to be the one of the author's strongest points, and I've actually found my self skimming over them quite often. On the other hand Calista doing her sneaking and skulking business around the town is entirely different matter, and I greatly enjoyed those parts.

Another thing I found not liking much, the better part of the book is written from Calista's point of view or so it seems, which was rather fine be me, for all wrong reasons though as it all render Harper quite uninteresting and wanting as a character, and I simply didn't cared much about her.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book quite a bit. The author managed to create a fresh and alluring world one may easily find themselves lost in, and to be honest it wasn't something I expected before I started to read, I'm happy I've found myself corrected though.