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Blood Slave - Robin Roseau Blood slave is typical R.Roseau's writing, but given that it's not half bad actually, and maybe a bit unexpectedly for some.

If anything the book feels like a one the author wanted to write from the very beginning, but she couldn't or simply hadn't had guts to do so. Anyone who read anything from her previously would surely find plenty to compare, it isn't hard to be honest as over the time characters she've created, and concept of her books changed (not so surprisingly) ever so slightly.

Given that I hate that U-turn in 3rd book of MW with passion, and have found her last/recent books kind of unreadable, I should've probably hate this one too; but well I don't. It's somewhat nice to see the author not holding back, however that may seem, and maybe, just maybe she'll finally move on and write something new and fresh (series perhaps?), I still enjoy her early works and always did so ... .

Finally I've to react on that horror thing, well to those whom care I can only offer amused laugh, and advice to go look elsewhere.