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Privateer - Robin Roseau After a few frustrating and wasted hours I can honestly say this is another I'd be happier if I never read book, sadly from the same author.

Main protagonist Rani, unsurprisingly, nth rehash of the same (Michaela, Nicky). She is supposed to be brave, fiery and charming with a sharp tongue, but she is childish, obnoxious and submissive instead, and when she talks everyone leaves, though I suppose it's not a good thing if you are a reader. Nevertheless, she has to be brave if she can put up with herself, or maybe others are brave?

Strangely, Sorri is actually a rather fresh so no Lara imposter this time. To be honest she actually is one of the few brighter points of the book, or only point? Notwithstanding, it couldn't not be the the author if there wasn't some overbearing family with at least one precocious child. The book doesn't miss anything in happy 'unition' field either.

To finish my rant, dialogs, they are thoroughly bad. The author has unmatched ability to stretch every mundane talk into insane proportions, and I'm not sure if it's just me, but I find them rather odd.

There is definitely some unnecessary bitchiness in this review of mine. It's harder to criticize that create I suppose, but the author needs a breath of fresh air. While every of her books has something new they are still, more or less, the same, which wouldn't be bad, but she seems to borrow mostly the bad things. From book to book her characters are more whiny, childish and bitchy, talking one thing but acting another.