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Music of the Soul

Music of the Soul - Erik Schubach A good book, but like most of Schubach's books it's a touch on the extreme side of things.

Bella, perfection incarnate sans almost any flaws that makes a human. There is no blemish that'd make her less; she's most beautiful, smart, successful, children love her, well everyone loves her. She and Mandy both in their early twenties, both having the wisdom of old, which belies their age. Talking and sharing things a very few in their age would(a very few ever would). Mandy in her 21st on that hardest path to find her true self.

I see why people love it, I like it myself, though I just simply have more liking for stories following the normal, or least closer-to-the-earth people, with all imperfections and flaws they may have.