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Terrors of the High Seas

Terrors of the High Seas - Melissa Good This book is amazing. A touch unusual, though not unexpectedly after the sort of different #5. Unusual, because among other things this time the story takes place in the Caribbean and on the Virgin islands off Miami and out of the usual setting.

The story begins with Dar and Ker setting off to well-deserved vacation. Unfortunately for them their plans get disrupted and soon after their departure things go south. As the story progresses things slowly escalate and for the first time and not by a chance they've to defend themselves, and try to save their very lives and lives of those they care about.

I enjoyed the book pretty much. I'd even say it's my favorite. It's quite different and much more action packed than the rest, though it's not the others in the series aren't—they are simply more relaxed than anything else.