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Eye of the Storm - Melissa Good The book is a great deal of fun, but still, I think the #2's been best so far. Maybe it's because the author used a slightly different narrative style and I didn't really care about Dar's parents. Though not that I've not liked them, they just didn't really hold my interest and sometimes there was a bit too much of them.

This time Dar and Kerry have to deal with Ankow, who is the overbearing and obnoxious member of the board. His intentions are pretty clear—get rid of Alastair and Dar. Furthermore, Kery is being served papers and she has to face consequences of releasing sensitive information about her father's illegal and illegitimate activities.

The the first half of the book is great and feels much better than the second. After Kerry leaves to Washington to attend court hearings she's been subpoenaed to, it gets a touch tedious. But still, it was surely worth the time and I can only recommend it.