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Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water - Melissa Good The first thing that caught me was that this book is rather 'thin'. It's not even a half of the first, but boy, I couldn't get my eyes off it from the very beginning to the end.

Most of the story takes place in Michigan and out of the usual settings, where Kerry gets caught in the maelstrom of events caused by her father's death. During this and within a number of sorrowful happenings involving Kerry's ignorant and obnoxious family her and Dar's relationship strengthens, and even more now they realize where they priorities are and how much they care for each other.

At any rate and as much inappropriate it sounds, I enjoyed every moment—probably also thanks to the fact that the book is much more paced unlike others in the series—and that's pretty great as I've been a touch worried after the #3 and the #4, which were rather tedious and well ... just ordinary.