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Ill Will - J.M. Redmann The book is very slow paced this time. Maybe it's because of the theme, which is now more focused on Micky and Cordelia, their relationship and the difficulties Cordelia goes through that puts the usual sleuthing a bit more aside. It's not bad by any means. It's actually opposite as it gives a chance to see how they happen to realize how much they mean for and how far they'd go for each other.

That said, the book still couldn't hold my attention. Maybe it's because the actual 'detectiving' part feels kinda forced or perhaps it's the very investigation. The plot of which is now rather bland and that makes the usual filler even more noticeable and harder to get through.

Overall, I like how their relationship evolves but in the end it leaves me afraid of its real destination. Back when I was reading the second book Cordelia didn't struck me as a right choice, but somehow they've made their relationship work, and although the theme of the series is more grim than bright I'd like to see Micky and her happy and not broken again. Which sadly brings me to the end of this book wherein Cordelia is more death than alive. Though I hope not it seems the author has decided she has to die, perhaps just for the sake of dying and keeping up an 'atmosphere'. Nevertheless it'd be better to wait and judge until after the next installment in the series.