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Death of a Dying Man - J. M. Redmann I already noticed when I was reading through the third book that the series as the whole has slowly begun to take a different course. But while I'm not fond of it, somehow the series has and still does manage to keep the atmosphere and the feeling of the first two books, or at least a part of it.

The big issue for me is to get over Micky aging so fast and over the time vacuum between the individual books. But while I don't like it I can understand it. I realize that the first book was published more than twenty years ago. I didn't read it back then. Hell, I wasn't even born yet. But I understand that there are a lot of people who read it all these years ago and as slowly they've grown older also Micky has. The series's been with them pretty much all this time and that may means a lot. Likewise, perhaps the author tries to stay in the present time or at least so close as she can.

This aside there are still some things I don't like. Mostly Micky has been through a lot. I believe she deserves some happiness, sort of resemblance of it. All of the love 'drama' of Cordelia and her feels pretty unnecessary. Though I probably read too much, I don't like her getting broken over and over again and even more now as their separation looks rather petty and forced.

Moreover, I don't like how the author puts rest of characters so much aside. It almost seems she tries to get rid of them. I know the series was always mostly about Micky, but they used to have their place in it. As it is now, Joanna is mentioned twice, Danna the same and what's sad Cordelia who plays or at least should important role in Micky's life is also quite absent, and those few occasions when she appears are kinda unfortunate.