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Lost Daughters - J.M. Redmann The book starts off almost three years after the events of its predecessor. Cordelia and Micky are still together happy and rolling, something Micky never thought would be possible, which is pretty easy to understand as her previous relationships rarely lasted more than a week and even rarer more than a day.

Story is pretty much focused on Micky, her personal life and again her past. Side characters like Joanna and Danny doesn't get much space and only appears on a few occasions, which made me a bit sad. Even appearances of Cordelia, considering she's her lover, are rather rare.

Overall, after the third that felt rather 'awkward', I enjoyed reading this one very much. Though, in future I'd be happy to see more of Joanna, Danny and rest of the characters.

PS. I also quite dislike gaps between the individual books. She was 29 in the first, around 35-37 now in the fourth and as far as I know she should be around 44 in the fifth and the sixth book.

I don't mind she gets older, but there is so much unspoken and leaving it so feels like unused potential.