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Fox Revenge

Fox Revenge - Robin Roseau well, where to start ..., I like this book but I've expected better.

A large part of it consists of the same-old-same-old, well-known squabbles between Lara and Michaela, that, to be honest, begins to be rather wearisome and annoying. It kinda feels like they fight over and over again, sometimes just for sake of it, over and over the same subjects. But perhaps that's just me and my little hopes now in vain, that they would be able to deal with their mistrust, get over it and live some sort of "happy life". Though, don't get my wrong, I enjoy it, but sometimes too much is just too much.

Story is fairly good with a bit more emphasis on action this time compared to the 4th book, (but much less than in the preceding ones), considering Michaela is "caged" somewhere most of the time, although it depends on the angle one looks at it.