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Fox Afield - Robin Roseau I was rather cautious about reading this book after what happened in its forerunner, but in the end my worries were unfounded and I've to admit it's great and together with the first probably best in the series, well at least for me.

The story starts off less than twelve hours after previous events (directly after the third) with Laura and Michaela setting off to their honeymoon, where after a week they get the call from Bree (girl Michaela saved) that something bad happened and she needs her help.

Overall, I had blast from the beginning to the end, story, though not so complex, is fun and has its share of great moments to got me hooked. Michaela again reveals bits from her past there and there. Sure, there is less action than in the previous but it didn't mind to me much.

Also I'd say M&L's relationship is slightly more mature this time. While Lara, as is usual, continues to prove her bold and bully nature Michaela has become more confident and manages to stand her ground, plus finally they've put some effort to try to deal with their trust issues.