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Death by the Riverside

Death by the Riverside - J.M. Redmann Main protagonist "Micky" (Michele) is P.I. (private investigator) and kind of a person, that is hard to like, but when you do it's even harder to stop.

At first glance she may seems like reckless and cocky hotshot, who goes from one extreme to another, often with bottle of scotch, mostly empty, in her hand. But in reality there is much more into her and she has pretty good reasons for her actions.

After many years, she still tries to cope with rueful events of her past, murder of her father when she was 10, abandonment by her very mother when she was 5 and on top of it lurking memories from period she was forced to live with her self-righteous and fanatical aunt, often misunderstood by her own friends.

Story, while not so at the beginning, quickly turns out to have much more serious and darker tone than it appears. In something that should be more favor to her police friend than anything else Michele finds herself involved in investigation during which she must fight for her life, against her own nightmares and for love of her friends.