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The Midnight Hunt

The Midnight Hunt - L.L. Raand Well well, this book surely stirred my feelings. Although in a more negative way.

The first thing I don't like is there are just too many characters. While Drake and Sylvan's relationship is pretty great, though a touch naïve and it surely could use more writing, I couldn't care less about Jody and Becky and about Niki and another nth someone. It feels they are just a mere afterthought that the author put into her book so it has more than hundred pages.

The second there is just too much sex. The book would feel much better if the author didn't have the need to butcher it with a sex scene on a every second page. As it is, everyone is persistently aroused constantly trying to put up with a 'throbbing sex-frenzy'. In the end it just feels like the author tries to cover up lousy writing.