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Fox Mate

Fox Mate - Robin Roseau For me the book is rather big step up, unfortunately in wrong direction.

I was told it's probably weakest in the series and I gotta admit, despite my "expectations" there were few occasions where it got quite ridiculous even for me, and at times I had to persuade myself to continue reading.

It's rather hard for me to comprehend why Michaela stays with Lara, who after two previous books continues to doubt Michaela's judgment,showing her mistrust, forgetting she should've told her that and that, though she still can at least use her "alpha-excuse".

I didn't like where it went. I didn't like to read about how everyone continues to humiliate Michaela. I loved her character, the brave, charming, strong-willed fox in cruel world. I hated to see her broken and willingly submitting to abuse and torture by the wolves who were supposed to be her friends and love her. Excusing and reasoning it as a "wolves-culture" cheapens everything even more.