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For a Few Demons More

For a Few Demons More - Kim Harrison pros: skimmer is breath of the fresh air.

cons: Author again teases Ivy/Rachel relationship, that goes nowhere, and probably never happens because their romance could detract from marketability of next books in the series, or at least as it looks, Kim haven't made her mind yet.

In one interview she says, she decided when she was writing book 4, they will never be together, then in another, she says if they will get together it won't be before last book(teasing), which is rather sad. I think books like these are more about journey than the end, and Rachel's journey slowly gets tedious and boring.

I also feel dead of Kisten was rather unnecessary. The book has slower beginning, as usually it gets better later on, though, there is less action than in the preceding books.

The sttory and charactes, especially Rachel gets quite stagnant. She is still the same naive girl, with the same moral dilemas, doing the same dumb decisions repeatedly.